Injection Molding

Injection Molding


When higher density and precise part locating is required, a quality designed Injection Molded Tray is the perfect solution.  This type of Tray is typical for smaller, highly machined parts where protection from damage is top priority.  Injection Molded trays also lend themselves well to today’s “Lean Manufacturing” processes, where high density in a small footprint brings the parts right to the operator’s finger tips.  We have machinery with shot sizes that range from 2 ounces up to 24 pounds.

Rack Dunnage

Injection Molded Dunnage is a staple in the Rack industry, but the designs are anything but standard.  This type of dunnage takes many shapes and forms.  It can be manufactured in many different types of material depending on your application, from soft and protective, to hard and durable.  We work with each customer to develop a customized solution, using the best material tailored to protect their parts while in transit.


Cleanliness specifications are getting more stringent by the day in today’s packaging world.  When you have highly machined or sensitive parts, Injection Molded Urethane is the solution to keeping your parts clean.  Urethane can hold, cradle, cup, and support your parts while protecting the most critical surfaces, so that they arrive at their destination free from debris and damage.  Urethane can be added to Injection Molded Trays and Thermoformed Trays or can be molded into its own tray and placed into a standard Tote.

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